2023 – May update

Target FI number – £1,000,000 (≈$1,255,490)

Current Net wealth – £403,000 (≈$505,559)

One month into the tax year and what an amazing start – although month to month changes negative to allow for the charges associated with the sale of my primary residence which is taking an impact on the net wealth calculations. I’m hoping from the summer onwards there will be an ease on my costs and therefore impact postive on net wealth calculations going forward.

We will be off to Miami this month which i couldn’t be more excited about celebrating a record year in my work sales hitting 400+% of target and helping me earn and pay off all outstanding debts IN 2022 other than the mortgage. can’t wait for the summer. 



Change month to month:

There is little change to the net wealth month to month being down again  -£9,800 on further allowances for cost of sale associated with the primary residence.

Updated net wealth graph:

may wealth 23

Wealth allocation:

wealth allocation mayy


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