2023 – April update

Target FI number – £1,000,000 (≈$1,244,490)

Current Net wealth – £408,000 (≈$497,559)

Welcome to the new tax year! – This will be the first year I am able to max out the stocks and shares ISA allowance on the first day, the full 20k! I have ellected to invest it this year in Vanguard FTSE global all cap acumulation and set a 4% sale yearly £800 or £66 a month to help offsett some of the additional money i have decided to put into pension salary sacrifice to get me closer to the 40k limit… With the life time allowance rules and contribution being lifted to 60k it’s meant i’m now close to 38k a year sacrifice but impact the monthly net take home pay.

I am in progress for a great year and maybe a change in job too!



Change month to month:

There is little change to the net wealth month to month being down £7,800 having to pay an unexpectred tax bill

Despite saying in an earlier post i was going Going to make an allocation of 5% towards high yield govemnet bonds in emerging markets i have decided to go back to long term global equity.

Updated net wealth graph:


Wealth allocation:

wealth april 23


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