2023 – Feburary update

Target FI number – £1,000,000 (≈$1,204,390)

Current Net wealth – £429,250(≈$518,059)

As the New Year approaches, it’s a great time to reflect on your financial goals and resolutions. This year, my focus is on ensuring a work-life balance and ensuring the longevity of my career. I believe that this year will be better for the financial markets, and so far in 2023, we have seen an impressive 7% increase in VWRL. This year I will turn 29 years old too…

I have been working hard to maintain my financial stability by contributing to my pension, ISA, and savings for a new home. This month, I received a welcome bonus in the form of a dividend from some UK equity income shares I hold, totaling over £3,000. This, along with my regular salary, has helped to increase my net wealth by £21,250 this month.

ve been thinking more about the longevity of my career and work life balance.  I’m hoping this year will be much better than last in the financial markets as year to date for 2023 so far we are up 7% on VWRL which is a great start.

Back settled into work and trying to knuckle down to continue shovling lot’s into the Pension, ISA and saving for a new home.

This month I got paid a dividend from some old UK equity income shares i held paying >3,000 GBP which was a nice bonus ontop of the payslip and helped the month to month position.



Change month to month:

This month change is +£21,250 in net wealth.

Going forward into April of 2023 I have decided not to make an allocation of 5% towards high yield govemnet bonds in emerging markets as upon doing research and thinking i don’t believe this will help long term. I will focus on VWRL for the time being for the quarterly dividend it kicks off which is currently 2.05% of the sum invested.

I’m hoping this helps stablise the portfolio and gives some tax free income back to help reduce the impact of % withdrawls in the future and smoothing the ride to FIRE.

Updated net wealth graph:

Going forward into April 2023, I have made the decision not to allocate 5% towards high-yield government bonds in emerging markets. After conducting thorough research, I have concluded that this investment may not be beneficial for me in the long term. Instead, I will focus on VWRL and the quarterly dividend it provides, currently at 2.05% of the invested sum.

My goal is to stabilize my portfolio and receive some tax-free income to help reduce the impact of withdrawals in the future. This will help me smoothly progress towards my ultimate goal of Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE) with a target of £1,000,000 (approximately $1,204,390).

To track my progress, I have created an updated net wealth graph that shows my wealth allocation. I will continue to work towards my financial goals and hope to achieve my target by consistently making smart financial decisions.

feb net wealth

Wealth allocation:

feb net wealth graph


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