2023 – January update

Target FI number – £1,000,000 (≈$1,207,490)

Current Net wealth – £408,000 (≈$492,559)

Happy new year! – Something a long the lines of new year, new goals and visions… But no, this is the only goal and vision so i promise to keep plugging along with these monthly updates till we get to the finish line for financial indepedence!

Have thoughly enjoyed the christmas break and NYE celebrations, hope you have too with you friends and family.

2023 promises to be an interesting year now all other debts have been paid and the mortgage is the only outstanding item. There is more emotion, termoil and sorrow attached to this than what is valued in these monthly posts so will be looking to make a change in 2023/2024..



Change month to month:

This month change is -£6,600 in net wealth. Markets and my saving rate hasn’t been great so a slight setback here.

Going forward into April of 2023 I intend to make an allocation of 5% towards high yield govemnet bonds in emerging markets till aged 40 to lock in some of the attractive 5-7% yields seen since the market has crashed continuely this year following the shock invasion of Ukraine at the beggining of 2022.

I’m hoping this helps stablise the portfolio and gives some tax free income back to help reduce the impact of % withdrawls in the future and smoothing the ride to FIRE.

Updated net wealth graph:

Wealth allocation:


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