2022 – October update

Target FI number – £1,000,000 (≈$1,165,390)

Current Net wealth – £327,587 (≈$365,259)


-£8,943 total month to month change in net wealth. Main change is collapse in global stock markets causing pension and ISA values to take a hit.

Wealth allocation:

Updated net wealth graph:

Big whale inbound !

Had the most successful month at work going into this October update. Currently sat at 300%+ of my sales target for 2H of 2022. A deal I have been working all year finally came in yesterday. Post tax I forecast this to land north of 50k GBP which will help go into this tax year’s ISA balance, pension and filling up my tax free dvidend allowance (currently 2,000 GBP in UK). Aim is then to save up a balance ready for tax year 2023/2024 ISA so come April can get invested early on.

Once the above is done I should by my calculations be yieling £10,000+ a year in dividend income passively which is on the way to being financially indepedant.

Things are still going strength to strength with the new girlfriend. Build a life and invest to meet the goals and expectations.




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