2022 – August update

Target FI number – £1,000,000 (≈$1,217,505)

Current Net wealth – £314,400 (≈$382,592)


+£22,187 total month to month change in net wealth. Pension contribution rised monthly, Salary with commision bonus this month and reduction in outstanding balances of loans. Although month to month value estimate on zoopla for property had fallen, pension & ISA values recovered slightly with some improvements and stability in financial markets.

Wealth allocation:

Updated net wealth graph:

Energy crisis & continued inflation pressure.

Inflation recently has risen by 9.1% as measured by consumer
price index (CPI) a continued pressure on investing and the general concern in
the UK that supply chain issues and availability of energy and commodities will
leave firms no choice but to pass on higher costs to consumers which has seen
the effect of many workers left asking for wage rises to keep up with the cost-of-living pressure seen for day-to-day purchases.

The human impact comes closer to hard reading with many experts in personal
finance offering alternative strategies such as heat the human not the home which alone should compel political leaders into action. This has yet to be seen.

Energy discussions wars in Europe with Russia continue to place pressure
on EU nations to reduce reliance on Russian gas but with no clear alternative
in place. The best alternative floated suggest everyone has cold showers.

Think this will give EU and the UK the wake up call to
provide energy independence rather than reliance on foreign powers often hostile
which can at will place a hold over nations.

Something must give and whether liquid national gas (LNG) could be imported from other nations and produced quick enough to reduce the dependency on Russia won’t come quick enough before winter 2022 approaches.




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