2022 – July update

Target FI number – £1,000,000 (≈$1,206,905)

Current Net wealth – £292,113 (≈$352,552)


+£11,465.13 total month to month change in net wealth. Pension, Salary and reduction in outstanding balances of loans. STUDENT LOAN IS THE ONLY DEBT OUTSTANDING OTHER THAN MORTGAGE!!!!

Wealth allocation:

Updated net wealth graph:

S&P continues downward spiral.

Year to date the S&P is over 20% down – I will continue to invest long term via pension and in the ISA in the meantime will continue to build a stake into UK dividend paying companies via the Vanguard FTSE UK equity income fund (inc) which covers a range of top paying dividend companies out of the top FTSE 350 members in the UK.

When in doubt stay the course – check out this great talk at Google by JR Collins. Highly reccomend this especially when markets are acting up and considering investing in stormy conditions like now in 2022.




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