2022 – April update

Target FI number – £800,000 (≈$1,000,000)

Current Net wealth – £332,712 (≈$437,596)


-£22,088 total month to month change. Sale of Bonds, payment of equity in house to EX + fees to solicitors etc to settle.

Wealth allocation:

Updated net wealth graph:

Markets, Love and life:

Markets have rallied somewhat on the outlook of a resolution in the Ukraine with them potential becoming a neutral territory outside the potential control or influence from the western NATO alliance. The human impact still continues and is difficult to read and empathise with, the idea of being forced out of your home to flee.

Outside the international conflict, I have finished one of my own with parting ways with an ex girlfirend. Disapointgly a long drawn out and emotionally draining process of 6 months to agree a settlement on a property we owned together. Love is never about the money until it is 😉 (promise i’m not that bitter)…! Lot’s of solicitor fees later and a payment to buy-out her equity it’s sorted.

This has put me back slightly and need to repay my father who lent me some cash in the short term. This has resulted in me selling my USD emerging markets bond funds (VANGUARD VEMT).

With the end of the tax year approaching, I commited 20k cash into the Vanguard FTSE UK equity income fund in my i-web ISA which has been my go to since the end of last year to the worrying percived mania I see in global/north american equities. With valuations growing to >36X of earnings (view the Shiller PE ratio) I have sort to remove my short-medium term funds in the ISA into more stable large cap companies in the UK were PE ratios are in the 9-15X range.

As always Ramin at PensionCraft seems to describe this best with comentary from industy professionals rather than an armchair post writer. See video below.

Has been a rocky month and impact on the financials but life throws all sorts at you.

See you next month… In the meantime I will plan to do some seprate posts about the goals, figures and approach and time-line as I have arbitratly just jumped into doing updates rather than providing context to the numbers.



“We suffer more often in imagination that in reality.” — Seneca


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