What are the FIRE Numbers?

last updated 1st May 2022.Target net wealth for a 3% safe withdrawel of income is 1,000k+ GBP. On the conservative side to weather unforseen economic events as seen in recent years with Covid, Invasion of Ukraine and the preceeding Energy crisis across Europe in part contributing to surging inflation seen in 2022. In order to … Continue reading What are the FIRE Numbers?


2022 – April update

Target FI number - £800,000 (≈$1,000,000) Current Net wealth - £332,712 (≈$437,596)Change: -£22,088 total month to month change. Sale of Bonds, payment of equity in house to EX + fees to solicitors etc to settle. Wealth allocation: Updated net wealth graph: Markets, Love and life: Markets have rallied somewhat on the outlook of a resolution … Continue reading 2022 – April update